H.P. State Assembly Elections

A Photo Essay from Chamba Constituency by Richard Axelby

On November the 12th 2022, voters in the Indian State of Himachal Pradesh went to the polls to elect representatives (MLAs) to the Vidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly). Richard Axelby followed the campaign in Chamba Constituency.

After the formal announcement of the election on the 17th of October, rallies carried candidates to the office of the Senior District Magistrate where Neeraj Nayar (Congress), Neelam Nayyar (BJP), Shashi Kant (AAP) and Indira Kapoor (Independent) submitted their nomination forms.

Printing presses did good business turning out flex-posters to be displayed along main roads and throughout the town.

In convoys of cars and on foot, the candidates took their campaign messages to the towns and villages of Chamba

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